Monday, November 22, 2010

Much Love Monday

Hey there, long time no see. It's a good day today as I am handing in my last major works and start my holidays, yay! But to to kick start my re-welcoming i thought I would enjoy in the tradition of 'Much Love Monday'. So at the moment I am loving...

Cry-Baby - Probably one of my favourite al time movies ever. I don't whether its the rebilious hot-shot played by Johnny Depp or the quiky ironic feel of the movie that gets but I love it to death. Which means that I watch the movie nearly every day and play the soundtrach constantly :)

Maxi Skirt - I have brought three with the space of two weeks and almost wear one everyday at home. They are just so pretty and comfy :)

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 - Yes I went and saw it at the midnight premiere and i thought it was so awesome! i dressed up as Harry Potter and was pretty happy with my wand and robe (will post picture later). I cried so much in it, mostly when Hedwig and Dobby died, but it was still totally awesome. Thinking of going to see it again :D

Photo's by Violeta Niebla (click on photo's to go to link)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Hey guys, well whoever reads this.
You know those moments that will always stick with us and make a huge impact on ourselves and the rest of our lives? I myself have only experienced something like this once before with a no longer close friend, but on Halloween something changed my life. I was on my moped and was just going down to the shop to pick up some stuff. Whilst turning out of my street on a round-about I was hit from behind by a van that didn't give way to me.
I will admit it was the most scariest thing I have ever experienced. Although I don't remember the actual the crash but what was going through my mind was just fear. Nothing flashed before my eyes, I didnt see my loved ones, I didn't think any final thoughts, I was just scared.
Fortunately I survived without any major injuries. Four people pulled over, including the guy that hit me. The ambulance and police came soon after where they checked me and I gave a statement to what happened. The man is going to pay for all the repairs on the bike and hopefully for my pandore braclet that got some bad scratches on it. 
It was difficult ringing up my parents and close friends and telling them what happen and it still is just telling people in conversation. I'm having trouble walking around, my left leg is stiff and all my right sholder, arm and neck I can barely move. I have actually been hit once before by a car while I was crossing the street but the car was going really slow so not even a scratch. I got up and walked away fine.
Anyway I think i need to take a while off everything just mentally. Might be going to see a therapist or something I don't know. So yea just letting you know if you read this and wonder why I might not post so regulary. Thanks guys
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