Saturday, March 12, 2011

Lost film

You know when you hear a story that is so unique you wish it happened to you? Well I have just experienced this watching a beautiful story about a man you found some film. Todd Bieber, a filmmaker from NYC one day found a film canister containing a roll of 35mm film. He took the roll of film home and got it developed. After looking at the photo's Todd was touched and was then determined to find the owner/s of this film. He posted a video on Youtube in hopes of finding the owners and before he knew it it had been viewed by hundreds and thousands of people across the globe. After months he had finally found the owner of the film and took a trip to Europe. Meeting new people along the way he ended the his trip in Paris by meeting the owner who was a little French girl called Camille.

This truthful and unique story has deeply touch my heat. Todd, besides having this amazing life experience told a beautiful story with his film making skills. Very simple but effective. I hope to see more work by Todd in the future and hopefully more stories like these as well. I would love to leave a roll of film somewhere for someone to discover or even better, for me to find a lost roll of film and return it to its owner.

Watch the full story in 3 parts below:

Links relating to Todd and the story:
YouTube, tumblr, blog, Interview by Gothamist, Interview by ABC News

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this. I've only seen the first part (need to be out the door in a few, so the last two parts will be saved for later!), but what a great story. & he tells it so beautiful in both words and pictures.

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