Thursday, March 31, 2011

Scarf frenzy

I've been thinking about getting out my old knitting needles and making something special for long ahead cold autumn/winter days. But I am in a pickle in what I want to knit. I have four choices to pick from:

1. The first option is to do a nice long, simple and plain scarf but so it can tie up in a bow. I saw this item over at Miki Organic and thought rather then spending $10 to get it would spend like $20 and make it my own unique thing. Not sure what colour I would do it, but I quite like the beige or was thinking maybe navy or even red.
2. The next idea, and this is something I have had in mind for ages, is to do a replica of the scarf worn by Tom Barker when he played the Doctor in 'Doctor Who'. Measuring over 17 ft in length, the scarf has become the iconic symbol Tom Baker's portrayal as the Doctor. Being such a Doctor Who and Tom Baker fan this would be amazing to own. Over here is a great site dedicated to the Tom Baker scarf where she has some great instructions on how to make your own.
3.  One of these neck tie scarves would be adorable to have. I found them over at The Snooty Poodle where she does handkitted goods. If you are wanting to buy instead of DIY she does have them for only $20, which seems like a good price for a cute scarf. Their is a DIY instructions here which I found on Animal Head Vintage blog. The dusty green and mustard colours I adore.
4. I would love to knit one of these gorgeous Cowl neck scarfs as they look so inviting and warm. I also like how you can wear them over your head like it is a hoodie as well. All these images are just from Google and I haven't found a pattern yet to do one. All I know is that it involves cable knotting or something. I don't know as I'm not a knitting expert.

So yea I think a poll is in order. If you would ever so kindly cast your votes in the comments as to which scarf you think I should knit. Alo any tips would be lovely as well as I haven't knitted anything in about 5 years. Thanks guys :)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Artist: Louise Hearman

Untitled #1279, 2009
oil on masonite
61 × 83cm
Untitled #1282, 2009
oil on masonite
61 × 63.5cm
Untitled #1283, 2009
oil on masonite
61 × 61cm
Untitled #1291, 2009
oil on masonite
61 × 83cm
I just thought I would share some work from one of my favourite Australian painters as I am doing a assignment on her at the moment. Her name is Louise Hearman and she was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1963. Hearman’s works are characterised by surreal juxtapositions, eerie light, and strong emotive emphasis. I am going to be looking at her work in reference to my major this semester. I will talk more about that later in time. If anyone else knows the work of Bill Henson, It is interesting to note that Hearman use to collaborate a lot with the Australian photographer. You can see a similar style in both of their works. I really admire her work and her skill is amazing, be sure to look at her work further. 

Photo Credit: All images of artworks were found on the Roslyn Oxley9 gallery website
Other links: Tolarno galleries

The Guys Section

Slowly the Tom-boy look is coming back into style and I have already began to see boy's clothing I want. I am thinking of going out and buying a really nice bow tie and a good button shirt for it to go with. I also want to point out some of the cool shirt designs guys clothing have that women's clothing doesn't have. These are just a few of boy items that I am loving. For any guys reading this, feel free and happy to buy and wear these without any troubles. For the girls... let's bring on the tom-boy style :)

Clothing from asos and Topman

Monday, March 28, 2011

Much Love Monday

It's Monday again which means another round of 'Much Love Monday'. Finally after a busy couple of days I am able to just relax and get up to date ith my blog. So here is what I am loving this fine Monday...

Old terrace houses Our painting class went on a excursion to a suburb outside of Sydney called Redfern and it had some of the most beautiful houses ever. We all wanted to move then and there

Coffee I went three days without it and I nearly died. I can not live without it I have come to realise.

Meeting new people I met so many nice people from my trip to Canberra. Everyone was awesome and can't wait to hang with them all again.

Photo Credit: amandamabel

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Happy weekend

Hey guys, sorry about the lack of updating the past couple of days. I was in Canberra for a short holiday with some of my friends. We had such a lovely time meeting new people and having such fun. We made Watermelon helmets and went out clubbing with them, went and saw 'Red Riding Hood' and 'The Adjustment Bureau', brought a new cardigan, had some awesome pancakes and saw a dancing bear. I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend so far as well. As for me, I now have to now finish a essay for uni that's due on Monday.
Here are some pictures featuring us with our watermelon helmets :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Polaroid Grey Label

I've been meaning to talk about this as soon as I read about but just only remembered then. Since the Pop music icon Lady Gaga became Creative Director of the major label Polaroid we knew that she was going to push Polaroid into the Digital World. In January, Polaroid and its Creative Director, Lady Gaga unveiled the new line, Polaroid Grey Label. An unique and original line of products co-designed with Lady Gaga. The Polaroid Grey Label line is truly expressive of Gaga’s artistic vision and includes the GL10 Instant Mobile Printer, GL30 Instant Digital Camera and the GL20 Camera Glasses, a unique new look at how to turn images into a fashion statement.

I can not believe what the result is of these two cultural icons have produced. It really shows how Polaroid is determined to keep up with today's society and push their boundaries. These products could not be more fantastic. I am so surprised by the GL20 Camera Glasses, as you can see Lady Gaga was a true inspiration behind them. Marking off all the boxes in fashion, technology and photography. I would give anything to own these glasses when they come on the market. Probably will be like hundreds of dollars but would so be worth it. Could just imagine myself wearing these everyday. I also would love to get the new Polaroid Instant Digital Camera with it's new features. Anyone else going to be purchasing any of these products when they come on the market? They should be out later this year, how exciting!

Also would like to welcome a bunch of my new followers. It makes me happy to see people enjoying what I post about :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Much Love Monday


I am loving a lot of thing lately that revolve around the English culture. I would give anything to go to England and live there for a couple of months. Hopefully this is the plan when I finish uni and do my big trip, but enough said. Here is what I love about the Brit's:

Red double-decker buses, Banksy, the BBC, the accent, Rik Mayall, Big Ben, the history, Doctor Who, Jamie Oliver, Bottom, The Young Ones, Bristol, Stonehenge, the music, the weather, the comedy club, Black Books, David Tennant, 'A Clockwork Orange', London, English tea, their humour, The Beatles, Kate Winslet, 'Keep Calm and Carry On', Ade Edmondson, Red Dwarf, Robert Pattinson, Antiques Roadshow, 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland', Matt Smith, Colin Firth, The British Museum, 'The Picture of Dorian Gray', The National Gallery, Shakespeare, Jane Austen, 'The Boat That Rocked', the countryside, 'Love Actually', the guards at Buckingham Palace, Ricky Gervais, the legend of Robin Hood, Madness, Damien Hirst, phone boxes, Trafalgar Square, a full English breakfast, Michael Caine, Coldplay, The IT Crowd, Bristol, Harry Potter, English slang, James McAvoy, Emma Watson, the case of Jack the Ripper, Helena Bonham Carter, Muse, David Bowie, 'The King's Speech', the Victorian era, the London Eye.

Be sure to join in on 'Much Love Monday.'

Photo of Banksy artwork by kenslalmon

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Esty Weekend Roundup

A few things that have taken my fancy :)

I have been having a lovely long weekend so far. It's been raining a lot so most of my days are just filled with cozying under a blanket and watching movies featuring celebrity crush, Colin Firth. Friday I watched the 6 part series of BBC's 'Pride and Prejudice'. Then on Saturday I watched him in 'Love Actually' and 'Girl With a Pearl Earring'. Today I am hoping to watch both 'Bridget Jones' Diary' one and two. As you can probably tell I have quite an obsession with him. Anyone else suffer from the lack of Colin Firth in their life?
Anyway, I hope your all having a lovely weekend.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Photobooth Friday - Roll One

Instead of this weeks Flickr faves I am plying along with Amanda's idea of 'Photobooth Friday'. Amanda is a lovely lady from New Zealand who runs the blog, Here Comes the Sun, which just was voted best Photography blog for the Lovelies awards. If you feel like playing along next week go and check out Amanda's Photobooth Friday, this week featuring guest blogger Liss from Daydream Lily, and leave a comment.
My photobooth this week has mostly been filled up with images featuring my new diana camera as I have yet to put some film in it. I'm hoping to buy some colour film this week so i can start using it.

Have a lovely weekend guys :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Kelsey Genna

Kelsey Genna is a talented designer from New Zealand who has her own label namesake label before even finishing her uni degree,  and she is only 19. Begonia House is her lastest collection and its just beautiful. Inspired by the beauty and form of flowers, the pastel colours and soft silhouettes make this collection really unique. I am so crushing on these clothes and so wishing I could get something, I especially love the first and last dress. So pretty!

Kelsey's online boutique

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


"I'm never disappointed by Photojojo." - Dave Johnson, PC World 

Oh these words are too true. If you have a love for photography then you either already know of this or should bookmark it right now. Photojojo is a site dedicated to the love photography. Discussing, posting and selling the very best photo tips and DIY projects. They also have a online store which they sell some great products for good prices. I've never brought anything from the store but I always regulary check out what is new and if there are any sales on. At the moment they have some great new items that I am just envying over. Must find a new job to buy wonderful items.
Has anyone else brought anything from the Photojojo store? if so then feel free to share and discuss your purchase. 
Here is what I am currently drooling over:


What's on Your Mind Wednesday

One of the newer blogs that I have been following, A Taste of T, has this fun activity called 'What's on Your Mind Wednesday' where you pretty much post about what's on your mind. Thought I would try it out and see what its like. If you guys like it Might do this once a fortnight. What do you guys think? Anyway if you want to join in one the fun go to T's blog and check it out.

I also will be doing a guest post on A Taste of T next month when she goes on maternity leave, how exciting. So I am looking forward to that :)

So in my head I am currently thinking of...
♥ Two assignments I have to do in the next two weeks. I haven't started either one of them
♥ How yummy my lunch is,  SUSHI!
♥ My friend who I am meant to be meeting for lunch but I'm already having lunch. oops!
♥ There are so many more people at my uni this year. They are taking over.
♥ I need to go to the libation and borrow books for assignments
♥ My foot is falling asleep
♥ Should I go home for like an hour and a half and then come back for my tutorial this afternoon or should I just go home.
♥ Omg! Amanda's Husband, Jeremy,
commented on my blog - Amanda is like my blogger idol and heroine. Absolutely love her and her blog.
♥ Hurry up friend!
♥ This tree I'm sitting under at Uni is really cool, so it seems a lot of other people think this as well.

Ha, well that was random. Anyway hope you got a little bit of entertainment out of it. Leave a comment with any random thought you are thinking.

Photo Credit: Crescita

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Creativity Chart

How cute is this idea. Eerika from Rag Pets made this cute calender last year for when she made or did something creative like sewing, take photos, draw or even jot down a idea, she would colour in her chart. It seems like a really great idea to get you motivated to get your chart filled with colour. I might do this and make a chart for each month since I been wanting to be more creative and create more things. Anyone else love this idea? What are some other ways you motivate yourself to be creative :)

All photo's found on Rag Pets.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Much Love Monday

Join in the fun here. 

New Diana Camera - I have yet to use it but I am taking it when I go down to Canberra on Thursday to see my dear friend. Not sure whether I should use 35mm film or try out the instant film back on it. Anyway I love it and can't stop playing with it when I'm in mu bedroom :)

'Friends' on DVD - Currently marathoning 'Friends' at the moment. I love this show so much, especially Chandler. He is definately my favourite out of them all but I also love Joey. They are all awesome in their own way.

Water with lemon - New favourite drink, plus it makes drinking water a lot of fun.

P.S. I have made this weeks playlist featuring songs from 'The Young Ones' as I am having an obsession with listening to this music lately. Hopefully you all enjoy it.

Photo Credit: between two lungs

The First Emperor: China's Entombed Warriors


Me with Terracotta Warrior replica
I had a fantastic weekend! filled with fun and adventure. On Saturday I went to the AGNSW to see the 'The First Emperor: China's Entombed Warriors' exhibition. The exhibition looks at one of the worlds greatest archeological excavations of the 20th century. The discovery of the pit filled with thousands of terracotta warriors that were build and put there over 2000 years ago. This underground army was created and put there to protect the tomb of the first Emperor of China, Qin Shihuang (259–210 BCE) in readiness for the afterlife. The exhibition showed over 120 rare objects, including ten complete terracotta warrior figures including foot soldiers, generals, kneeling bowmen and horses. Displayed alongside these iconic figures will be ceremonial vessels and bells, ornamental gold and jade, weapons and armour, palatial architectural remains, pottery and ceramics. Significant recent finds which have rarely been seen outside of China include an exceptional life-size bronze crane and swan, only discovered in the last decade. It was such a rare opportunity to see these pieces outside of China and so up close. I have to say never was I interested to go over to China for my travels but after this exhibition I would love to see these warriors in there pit. The crane and swan were so beautful aswell. I could jst imagine having one of them in my garden. The gallery did a great job in displaying the pieces. It was a shame you couldn't take photo's of the actual photo's. Luckily they had one of the bronze chariots on display at the gallery enrance which you could take picture with. Also they had life sized replica's of the terracotta tarriors instead of forking out $2000 we brought a life sized head of a terrcotta warrior for $65.
We also went and saw the Artexpress exhibition which displays seleted works by year 12 students doing Visual Arts. Seeing the exhibtion remeinded me of when I was doing my major and I was selected to go into the AGNSW Artexpress exhibiton. Unfortunately they didn't end of putting it in the exhibiton since they thought it was too controversial and such. Anyway it was a fun filled day with my family. Then on Sunday I spent taking photo's for my photography class and doing journal work for class.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Lost film

You know when you hear a story that is so unique you wish it happened to you? Well I have just experienced this watching a beautiful story about a man you found some film. Todd Bieber, a filmmaker from NYC one day found a film canister containing a roll of 35mm film. He took the roll of film home and got it developed. After looking at the photo's Todd was touched and was then determined to find the owner/s of this film. He posted a video on Youtube in hopes of finding the owners and before he knew it it had been viewed by hundreds and thousands of people across the globe. After months he had finally found the owner of the film and took a trip to Europe. Meeting new people along the way he ended the his trip in Paris by meeting the owner who was a little French girl called Camille.

This truthful and unique story has deeply touch my heat. Todd, besides having this amazing life experience told a beautiful story with his film making skills. Very simple but effective. I hope to see more work by Todd in the future and hopefully more stories like these as well. I would love to leave a roll of film somewhere for someone to discover or even better, for me to find a lost roll of film and return it to its owner.

Watch the full story in 3 parts below:

Links relating to Todd and the story:
YouTube, tumblr, blog, Interview by Gothamist, Interview by ABC News

Friday, March 11, 2011

Flickr Fave Friday

I am so happy it's Friday because I have such a fun weekend planned ahead and it's already off to a great start. I got my parcel from the lomography store this morning! I had these two massive boxes sitting in my bedroom when I woke up and straight away I started hacking at it to open. It's so cool and I can not wait to start using it. So in the spirit of getting my new camera heaps early, this week's Flickr Fave Friday features pictures taken by Diana cameras :)

P.S. Their is also a very special giveaway over at Curious Constellation, a blog run by the lovely Lauren Ellwood who has just turned 17. Pop over and wish her a happy birthday.

Photo Credit: 1. synikat 2. Heatherpf 3. kbattattack 4. phantomcat* 5. s. treatzone

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Photographer: Rebecca Cairns

My latest discovery and love is the lovely photographer Rebecca Cairns based in Toronto, Canada. Currently studying Creative Photography at Humbler College, Rebecca works with black and white images exploring the area's of portraits, animals, inanimate objects and the world between dream and reality.  'Rebecca's images are reminiscent of dreams- unclear, distorted and fictional- meant to portray the fact that throughout our everyday lives we are only passing figures through an infinite amount of space and time-- impermanent and always fleeing' (Rebecca Cairns Website). She is currently part of the online exhibition '30 Under 30 - Women Photographers', which showcases works by female photographers in support of women to be behind the lens rather then infront of it. 

I've been looking for black and white photographs to inspire me on what I would like to explore in my photography class this semester and Rebecca's work is beyond what I had in mind. Her work is beautiful and simply devine. Definately someone that has inspired me :) 

Be sure to check out all her sites:

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lomography purchases

Within the next 2 weeks I will be recieving a fantastic bundle of goodies from the lomography online store. I treated myself to buying myself the Diana Deluxe Kit which comes with:
Diana F+
Diana Flash
Hot shoe adaptors (one for camera, one for flash)
Cable Release Collar and cable release
Diana 35mm Back + 4 masks for 4 formats
Diana F+ 20mm Fisheye Lens
Diana F+ 38mm Super-Wide Lens
Diana F+ 55mm Wide-Angle Lens + Close-Up Lens
Diana F+ 110mm Telephoto Lens
Viewfinder Adaptor
Universal Viewfinder
Fisheye Viewfinder

Pretty much everything you would ever need for a Diana. I also purchased the Diana Instant Back+, which uses Instant mini film. Then as an even bigger treat I got these cute key chains which a mini camera's of the Lomography cameras that come in custom made film canisters. I couldn't of been happier, until I realised when I was doing the purchase that the Diana Instant Back+ went down in price by 50% and I was getting free gifts for my purchase. 1 - A set of posters and stickers 2 - A black Sling-On Bag. And got all this stuff for the price of what it would of cost just to get the Diana kit and the Instant back. I  am so excited for this to come in the mail :)

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