Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Artist: Glenn Brown

If you have studied or know a bit about art history then you would of heard of the term appropriation. Basically appropriation in art is when you take the work of someones art and make a completelt new work out of it. It is an important element of art history which has been explored by such famous artists as Andy Warhol, Jeff Koons and Banksy. To me its a something that only some artist can truely grasp this concept and make a new work of art that is actually good. One of my favorite artists that explored it through out his work is the English artist Glenn Brown.
His paintings instead of just changing the image of the original work creates a new meaning to it. He is such an amazing artist that you hardly ever see his work in gallery because private collectors just snatch it all up. While Brown uses the traditional technique of oil on wood panel, under closer inspection his swirls of colour that appear at first glance to be impasto and expressionist, reveal themselves almost as trompe-l’oeil, a result he achieves with very fine brushes.
If your interested here is a great interview with the artist

List of paintings:
1. 'Senile Youth', 2007
2. 'Great Masturbator', 2009
3. 'The Debaser', 2006
4. 'Architecture and Morality', 2004
5. 'Theatre', 2006
6. 'Spearmint Rhino', 2009

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Ellis Vidler said...

For some reason, your pictures don't show up when I open your blog. They sound interesting and I'd like to see them. Any ideas? Do I have some weird setting that blocks them?

girl holding a paintbrush said...

Wow that is pretty strange, umm I wouldn't have a clue why its doing that. Is it on every post? I 'll see id I can find anything that has happen before and get back to you

thank though, :)

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