Monday, August 23, 2010

Artist: Nicola Hicks

Nicola Hicks is an contemporary British artist who is mostly known known for her extraordinarily textured sculptures of animals, people and hybrids thereof. One of the most striking aspects of Hicks's work is her idiosyncratic use of plaster and straw in large-scale sculpture, materials which she discovered early in her career. The viscous texture and rough finish of the medium allow Hicks to bring the ‘'sketchy', handled qualities of drawing into her sculpture.

I watched her in a art documentary and thought her work was brilliant. I lover her sculpture's and her drawings muchly. Her work has given me much inspiration for my major works for this semester. I finally have so many ideas running through my head. So very exciting!

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Anonymous said...

your drawings are amazing sorry to say but i kinda copyed ur designes for one of my btec exams and i had great and positive feedback all thanx to you as you inspired me to your fantastic and great work

girl holding a paintbrush said...

Aww thats cool, but i will say that these aren't mine their by nicola hicks which the post is about. im glad you did well but :)

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