Wednesday, August 25, 2010

i am happy

"Yang Sheng An Memorial Art Prize winner, Murphy Bouma, is pictured in front of her winning painting and flanked by judges Richard Hook and Leonie Watson"

Today I am so happy, because I found out that I won this competition at my uni called 'Yang Sheng-An Memorial Art Prize', which honours the memory of a past creative arts student who drowned in 2002. I never expected to win, but i did and got a $1000 cheque which will go towards something productive i hope. The theme was 'Spirit and Nature' and i entered the above painting, which came from a series i did earlier this year based around roadkill. The title of the painting is ‘Memento mori, Memento vivere', which means translated 'Remember you must die, remember that you must live'.

Really couldn't of been a better day :)

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