Monday, August 2, 2010

So i'm gonna give all my secrets away

I've always enjoyed reading up on my favourite blogs and looking at all the pretty and inspiring stuff they would blog about. So after alot of determination i have decided to start my own blog. So i thought i would just say a bit about myself and what i with myself.

I'm Murphy and living in NSW, Australia. I'm currently doing a creative arts degree at university and hopefully will one day be a sucessful working artist or own my own art gallery. I work with paints, photographs, ink, pencils and have started to so sculpture and printmaking.

i love the following things: art, painting, photography, old camera's, Bill Henson's work, teacups, bookcase's filled with all sorts of books, the BBC, Tim Burton and his films, fashion, my polaroids, dogs and art galleries.

So there you guys have it, my first post. Please be nice and i'm looking forward to posting my next one

Photos from Nastya Pirate

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