Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Del Kathryn Barton charity scarf

Parlour X is celebrating their 10 year anniversary since opening their little fashion boutique in Sydney, known for a lush boudoir aesthetic and gallery-style layout of exclusive and limited edition pieces from the world's most coveted labels. To mark this special occassion they have collaborated with the Australian artist, Del Kathryn Barton, to raise funds for Ian Thorpe’s Fountain for Youth charity, which aims to improve education and health outcomes for Indigenous Australian children. She has designed a Parlour X Ten Year Anniversary limited edition scarf, which can be purchased online or in their store, with all money going to the Literacy Backpack Project.

The scarf is of her painting 'all ways', 2010. It is such a beautiful piece of hers and if I had money I would buy this. She is one of my favourite Australian artists where her work is known for its technical skill and its vibrant, figurative imagery.

100 scarves have been produced to be sold for $450 at Parlour X, and online at

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