Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Elizabeth Hoak-Doering

I've been meaning to share with you this artist sooner as she is simply amazing, so better late then never. A few weeks ago we had the artist Elizabeth Hoak-Doering as a guest lecturer and she talked about her past work and her art making practice. She was the doing a residency here at our uni and we were special enough to have she gave us a talk. She is an international artist, currently living and working in Cyprus where she studies sculpture and archaeology. Drawing in from her experiences, her works in mutliple formats: drawing, multimedia, sonic and kinetic installation as well as published academic papers.

Her project titled "Things, Witnesses!” really impressed me and and has made huge impact to the drawing side of some of my majors this semester. Interested in the idea of historical embedment in objects, she suspended old furniture pieces from the ceiling and allowed them to create the drawings for her.It is simply amazing and really inspired me towards making one of my major works this semester. Be sure to check her out :)

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Hoak-Doering's website

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Christian Ruhm

Hey lovelies! I'm sorry I haven't been here for the last couple of weeks as I have been overstocked with uni work lately. I'm sure we've all been there many a times so yea I hope I wasn't missed too much and in return I want to share with you a fantastic series of photographs from Belin based photographer, Christian Ruhm.

I have kind of fallen in love with his ongoing series titled 'Landmarks'. He started taking these multiple exposure photographs of famous landmarks around the world in late 2009. I really like these photographs because when I did some experiments a couple of years ago with multiple exposures it was really fun and I just really like the effect that it gives to an image. You can check out the rest of the series on his website and see if you can pick out all the famous buildings yourself.

Photo Credit: Christian Rukm's website

Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday Inspiration

I wanted to share today just some amazing that have inspired me the past week from a recent photographer I have discovered. Sarah Ann Wright is a freelance photographer in the UK who takes such amazingly beautiful portraits. I seriously couldn't pick which one was my favourite out of these few photos, and that's what you hope for when you discover a new photographer or artist. Be sure to check out her website and her flickr account to see the rest of her work. In the meantime, I hope that these photos served as source inspiration to you guys today :)

Sarah Ann Wright's website and blog
Photo Credit: Sarah Schloo

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Lego and Architetcure

One of m favourite things to do as a kid was to play with Lego. We had all these different sets from Harry Potter to Star Wars. So you can imagine my excitement when I saw that their had combined Lego with some of the world's most amazing architectural structures. Architecture has always been something that I admired greatly so to be able to build my own Guggenhiem museum and have it in my room is pretty cool. I want to desperately get the one of the Sydney Opera House as it is the most beautiful building in the world in my opinion. Some of them are a bit pricey, but come on.. its Lego!

You can check out the rest of the Architecture series and find out more about it on Lego's website here. Now I don't know about you guys but I know what I am asking for Christmas :)

Photo's were found here, here and here

Monday, September 10, 2012

It's beginning to feel alot...

Like Spring!

Finally down here in Australia Spring has finally caught up to us and it starting to warm up. I'm looking forward to Spring and everything that comes with it. Lighter layers, bright colours, more sunshine hours, pretty flowers, bare legs, iced drinks and many adventures. Even though I love winter for it's cozy weather and amazing wardobe, I love this time of year!

I found these photo's the other day and they just make me so giddy with excitement and joy that I can't wait to gather up a bunch of flowers and sit them in my room. I love the sweet peas but roses will always be my all time favourite flowers. Does anyone else have a flower flower?

Photo credit: rachel.grace

Friday, September 7, 2012

Pinterest Friday

1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Yes I am bringing back another one of my favourite meme's, Pinterest Friday! If you feel like playing along  just share a few of your favourite pins from the week revolving around the same topic. Also make sure that you share the link to the actual pin itself so people can find where it came from.

This weeks Pinterest Friday I wanted to share some of the amazing pieces of furniture that I have found, which I would like to have in my future home.A lot the pieces that I fall for are kind of 50's / 60's inspired or retro furniture, yes I have expensive taste :)

If you feel like joining in next week be sure to leave a link here for me to check it out. You can also find me on Pinterest here.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Beinnale of Sydney: all our relations

If any of you live in or near Sydney then I would like to think that you have taken advantage of seeing these years Beinnale of Sydney. If you haven't or have no idea qhat I am talking about then listen up. The Beinnale is this hugearts event in Sydney that shows all these amazing artworks in these different venues. The theme surrounding this years was 'all our relations', which is about our relationship to the earth and also about making the works interactive with audiences. 

My favourite venue that its held at is on Cockatoo Island, which use to be an old ship yard and prison. Not only did it have some of the best works there, it's also so amazing to wonder around the island and soak up its history. The photo's above are some photo's I took of a few of my favorite works. The one on the bottom left is by far my favourite, it was this like open room with all these wind chimes. It was just simply beautiful to sit there as I never realised how relaxing wind chimes can be. So if you have the time I definitely recommend to go and check it out for yourself. Below I put the links to the Beinnale website and to the artists pages.

Beinnale of Sydney website
Artists works shown above: Jonathan Jones, Jin NĂ¼, Li Hongbo, Lyndal Jones, Mark Licari, Fujiko Nakaya, Tiffany Singh, Philip Beesley
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