Thursday, September 6, 2012

Beinnale of Sydney: all our relations

If any of you live in or near Sydney then I would like to think that you have taken advantage of seeing these years Beinnale of Sydney. If you haven't or have no idea qhat I am talking about then listen up. The Beinnale is this hugearts event in Sydney that shows all these amazing artworks in these different venues. The theme surrounding this years was 'all our relations', which is about our relationship to the earth and also about making the works interactive with audiences. 

My favourite venue that its held at is on Cockatoo Island, which use to be an old ship yard and prison. Not only did it have some of the best works there, it's also so amazing to wonder around the island and soak up its history. The photo's above are some photo's I took of a few of my favorite works. The one on the bottom left is by far my favourite, it was this like open room with all these wind chimes. It was just simply beautiful to sit there as I never realised how relaxing wind chimes can be. So if you have the time I definitely recommend to go and check it out for yourself. Below I put the links to the Beinnale website and to the artists pages.

Beinnale of Sydney website
Artists works shown above: Jonathan Jones, Jin NĂ¼, Li Hongbo, Lyndal Jones, Mark Licari, Fujiko Nakaya, Tiffany Singh, Philip Beesley

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