Thursday, March 31, 2011

Scarf frenzy

I've been thinking about getting out my old knitting needles and making something special for long ahead cold autumn/winter days. But I am in a pickle in what I want to knit. I have four choices to pick from:

1. The first option is to do a nice long, simple and plain scarf but so it can tie up in a bow. I saw this item over at Miki Organic and thought rather then spending $10 to get it would spend like $20 and make it my own unique thing. Not sure what colour I would do it, but I quite like the beige or was thinking maybe navy or even red.
2. The next idea, and this is something I have had in mind for ages, is to do a replica of the scarf worn by Tom Barker when he played the Doctor in 'Doctor Who'. Measuring over 17 ft in length, the scarf has become the iconic symbol Tom Baker's portrayal as the Doctor. Being such a Doctor Who and Tom Baker fan this would be amazing to own. Over here is a great site dedicated to the Tom Baker scarf where she has some great instructions on how to make your own.
3.  One of these neck tie scarves would be adorable to have. I found them over at The Snooty Poodle where she does handkitted goods. If you are wanting to buy instead of DIY she does have them for only $20, which seems like a good price for a cute scarf. Their is a DIY instructions here which I found on Animal Head Vintage blog. The dusty green and mustard colours I adore.
4. I would love to knit one of these gorgeous Cowl neck scarfs as they look so inviting and warm. I also like how you can wear them over your head like it is a hoodie as well. All these images are just from Google and I haven't found a pattern yet to do one. All I know is that it involves cable knotting or something. I don't know as I'm not a knitting expert.

So yea I think a poll is in order. If you would ever so kindly cast your votes in the comments as to which scarf you think I should knit. Alo any tips would be lovely as well as I haven't knitted anything in about 5 years. Thanks guys :)

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Green Tea and Cupcakes said...

I love neck tie scarf really different and so cute :)

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