Wednesday, March 16, 2011


"I'm never disappointed by Photojojo." - Dave Johnson, PC World 

Oh these words are too true. If you have a love for photography then you either already know of this or should bookmark it right now. Photojojo is a site dedicated to the love photography. Discussing, posting and selling the very best photo tips and DIY projects. They also have a online store which they sell some great products for good prices. I've never brought anything from the store but I always regulary check out what is new and if there are any sales on. At the moment they have some great new items that I am just envying over. Must find a new job to buy wonderful items.
Has anyone else brought anything from the Photojojo store? if so then feel free to share and discuss your purchase. 
Here is what I am currently drooling over:


3 lovely comments:

Tornadoes and Tigers said...

Great site.

I can't believe that camera is so small! Insane. Also the lens bracelets are a fun idea : )

Jenn said...

great blog!!! i actually used that lens for a wedding i photographed, and it was HUGE! it was a little much. i'd personally recommend the size smaller, because my arm was sore for 2 days. lol.

please follow my blog if you can! thanks!

Penny said...

i ve never bought anything from them!but adore their archived newletter!so many clever ideas for nice pictures!!

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