Monday, March 7, 2011

Much Love Monday

Come join in on the fun over at Much Love. 

Rik Mayall and Ade Edmondson - Ade just did a performance for 'Lets Dance for Comic Relief' where he does an elegant rendition of the ballet routine 'The Dying Swan'. Being all graceful in a lovely white costume with a tutu by the end it turns into a slapstick style act where long time friend and comedy partner, Rik Mayall. Just like the old days when they were in 'The Young Ones' and 'Bottom', it's great to see these two working together after 8 years. I absolutely love these two and would give anything to have seen them perform and have a beer with them. Also I don't care if they are my dad's age, if I could I would have them. Be sure to check out their performance here.

Hooded Poncho - I got one on the weekend from Sussan and I am loving it. It's so warm and comfy. Definitely recommend getting one, poncho's are cool.

Cold mornings wrapped up in warm blankets - It's definitely feeling like autumn here. Just had my first morning where I didn't want to get of bed because it was cold and my blankets were too good. Loving Autumn.

Photo Credit: natalia peris

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love the glasses :)

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