Thursday, March 10, 2011

Photographer: Rebecca Cairns

My latest discovery and love is the lovely photographer Rebecca Cairns based in Toronto, Canada. Currently studying Creative Photography at Humbler College, Rebecca works with black and white images exploring the area's of portraits, animals, inanimate objects and the world between dream and reality.  'Rebecca's images are reminiscent of dreams- unclear, distorted and fictional- meant to portray the fact that throughout our everyday lives we are only passing figures through an infinite amount of space and time-- impermanent and always fleeing' (Rebecca Cairns Website). She is currently part of the online exhibition '30 Under 30 - Women Photographers', which showcases works by female photographers in support of women to be behind the lens rather then infront of it. 

I've been looking for black and white photographs to inspire me on what I would like to explore in my photography class this semester and Rebecca's work is beyond what I had in mind. Her work is beautiful and simply devine. Definately someone that has inspired me :) 

Be sure to check out all her sites:

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