Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What's on Your Mind Wednesday

One of the newer blogs that I have been following, A Taste of T, has this fun activity called 'What's on Your Mind Wednesday' where you pretty much post about what's on your mind. Thought I would try it out and see what its like. If you guys like it Might do this once a fortnight. What do you guys think? Anyway if you want to join in one the fun go to T's blog and check it out.

I also will be doing a guest post on A Taste of T next month when she goes on maternity leave, how exciting. So I am looking forward to that :)

So in my head I am currently thinking of...
♥ Two assignments I have to do in the next two weeks. I haven't started either one of them
♥ How yummy my lunch is,  SUSHI!
♥ My friend who I am meant to be meeting for lunch but I'm already having lunch. oops!
♥ There are so many more people at my uni this year. They are taking over.
♥ I need to go to the libation and borrow books for assignments
♥ My foot is falling asleep
♥ Should I go home for like an hour and a half and then come back for my tutorial this afternoon or should I just go home.
♥ Omg! Amanda's Husband, Jeremy,
commented on my blog - Amanda is like my blogger idol and heroine. Absolutely love her and her blog.
♥ Hurry up friend!
♥ This tree I'm sitting under at Uni is really cool, so it seems a lot of other people think this as well.

Ha, well that was random. Anyway hope you got a little bit of entertainment out of it. Leave a comment with any random thought you are thinking.

Photo Credit: Crescita

2 lovely comments:

♥ Nadine ♥ said...

Haha, I enjoyed that! That is a really good idea... :)
Was your friend disappointed that you already had lunch?


girl holding a paintbrush said...

to be honest.. I think she was a little bit. She ended up having sushi aswell :)
and thanks xo

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