Friday, April 1, 2011

Photobooth Friday - Roll Two

I was excited to do another Photobooth friday as I missed out last week. Nothing to important to this but just thought I would share some things that are happening and such.

Today I straightened my hair so I felt pretty special taking photo's of myself. On other notes its the beginning of April which means a lot of fun and exciting things are bout to happen for me. I did a post a while ago about creativity chart's and thought I should start my own. I made my chart today and have it hanging up beside my bed ready to be coloured in. Also this weekend is going to be fun as it's time for the local Thirroul Seaside festival. Filled with local art, stalls and entertainment. Will be taking photo's all day as to go towards my creativity chart.

That is all for now so have a lovely weekend :)

3 lovely comments:

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

so adorable! x hivennn

Samantha said...

The idea of the creative chart is so amazing. Sounds like really great motivation. Good luck.

Katelyn said...

I'm already jealous of your creativity! Maybe you'll inspire me to get motivated!

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