Friday, April 8, 2011

Artist: Erick Swenson

Ne Plus Ultra, 2010
Resin, MDF and acrylic paint
Overall: 17 X 72 X 54 inches

Untitled, 2004
Polyurethane resin, acrylic paint, MDF, polystyrene
276 X 173 1/4 X 23 1/2 inches
I love discovering new and young artists, both established and emerging. This week I dsicovered the American artist and sculpture, Erick Swenson. Swenson is known for his polyurethane resin sculptures of animals often displayed in elaborate dioramas. His works involve fabricated animals like deer, sheep, and apes captured frozen in allegorical moments. Swenson's installations create scenes of haunting perfection. Inspired by museum exhibits, set design, film special effects, and model making, Swenson crafts every minute detail of his tableaux, creating simulated, highly romantic scenes of that often exceed the ideals of nature.
If you live in New York or near be sure to check out his latest exhibition at the James Cohan Gallery, who represents him. The exhibition shows some his latest work, including a selection of other works dating from 2001 to the present. If anyone goes please tell me about it, as I am heaps jealous that I can't see it.

I was thinking that I might do a post a week introducing a new artist to you guys. What do you guys think, would that be interesting? Or does it sound like a fail :)

Ebie White, 2007                                                                            Untitled, 2009
                                    plastic resin                                                 Polyurethane resin, acrylic paint, MDF board, steel
    16 X 6 X 8 inches                                                                         22 X 18 X 15 inches

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