Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday

Just thought I would say that I wish everyone a Happy Easter. I am so happy for the long weekend as I need to do a lot of catching up in my uni work, especially in my photography class. So unfortunately not a lot of adventures this weekend but it will still be fun as I will be with my family all weekend. Never the less hope you all have a lovely holiday what ever it is your doing. I will see you all after the holiday :)

I am still having a poll (sidebar) about  what you guys would like to see more of. Would really love to hear some feedback. Thanks guys

Photo credit: eva_eva

4 lovely comments:

L said...

Blessed Easter to you! Hope you get to take a break & do what u love, other than uni work. hehe. For the poll, definitely more of your photographss & crafts! :D

Laura Nelson said...

i love love LOVE your blog! Im excited to go through it when I get home from work :) This post is really cute too :)

Marie said...

beautiful photos ! Love them :)

S. said...

Cool pics!

/S / http://

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