Friday, April 29, 2011

Blog lovin

Lately I have come across so many amazing blogs that are beautiful and inspiring so I just wanted to share a couple of really special ones. I might at the end of each or every second month share with you my top 5 blogs that I have discovered. Be sure to check out these blogs and leave them a lovely note :)

polaroids & kisses
bonjour bohemian
The Miso Soup

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Painting Tips and Tricks said...

These are great images! I like your shots! They look gorgeous!...Daniel

Laura Nelson said...

aw, thanks :) I love your blog too :) I got so excited when I saw my polaroid, you made my day :)

girl holding a paintbrush said...

yay! I'm glad I made your day and thankyou :)

Maddalena said...


S. said...

Lovely photos!

/S / http://

Caroline Ergy Erg said...

Love all these photos! I shall go look at their blogs right away!

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