Monday, April 25, 2011

Much Love Monday

I felt like I needed to do a Much Love Monday today as I am feeling a lot of love at the moment. Join in the fun at Much Love :)

Frankie In the latest Frankie edition there is a cute article called 'Our Big Day' where creative couples who've said "I do" talk us through their wedding day. It is such a beautiful article and has made me think about my big day when I find my Mr Darcy. The weddings are so unique and special, wish my wedding will be as special as theirs.

Groucho My best friend also known as our dog. We just chilling at the moment sitting together. Even though he can't talk I feel like he gets me and he enjoys just chilling out with me.

Winter clothing Today when I went to have brunch with my girls it was the first day I actually got wear a fully winter outfit. You know with the whole jacket, gloves, scarf, etc. I love winter the most because of the clothes.

Photo Credit: Jazz Cat1

3 lovely comments:

amberlee said...

i loved that Frankie article too.. lovely weddings. Was so nice to read about people doing there own thing. I could feel the love through the pages. A very sweet love list, i am just about to take my dog for a play x

Lee said...

Cold weather and pets = a perfect combination.

Lee x

L said...

sweet!! yay to Frankie! Groucho must be so cute!
winter clothes! i'm still wearing shorts and t-shirt in Perth! oh, winter, come quick! :P

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