Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Elizabeth Hoak-Doering

I've been meaning to share with you this artist sooner as she is simply amazing, so better late then never. A few weeks ago we had the artist Elizabeth Hoak-Doering as a guest lecturer and she talked about her past work and her art making practice. She was the doing a residency here at our uni and we were special enough to have she gave us a talk. She is an international artist, currently living and working in Cyprus where she studies sculpture and archaeology. Drawing in from her experiences, her works in mutliple formats: drawing, multimedia, sonic and kinetic installation as well as published academic papers.

Her project titled "Things, Witnesses!” really impressed me and and has made huge impact to the drawing side of some of my majors this semester. Interested in the idea of historical embedment in objects, she suspended old furniture pieces from the ceiling and allowed them to create the drawings for her.It is simply amazing and really inspired me towards making one of my major works this semester. Be sure to check her out :)

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Hoak-Doering's website

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