Monday, June 6, 2011

The Poster Edition

Remember the poster sale I told you guys about a couple of weeks ago? Well the weather had finally been nice to me so I could take some pictures to share with you guys. And for something special I did a little photo shoot with an outfit. Pretty excited and I hope you guys like them.
This was the first poster I won at the auction. A lovely watercolour of a pretty garden fence by one of my classmates. Isn't it just too pretty for its own good?
The second poster I won is another watercolour of a very cute bearded man. It was a must have and a few people were jealous of my winning. The girl who did this is like an amazing drawer, I just love her style.
And finally this was my poster that I entered. Inspired by Lomography cameras it went to a lovely bidder at $15. Was very happy with it and have an extra for me to hang up.
Forever New shirt, Cotton On skirt, Gramins shoes, Dotti hat, vintage belt.

4 lovely comments:

The Miso Soup said...

Hi Murphy :) I added you on my blogroll, thanks for following!

Greetings from Italy!

Andrea Reh said...

These are incredible! I love them!

I just discovered your blog, would love it if you stopped by mine sometime.

Andrea x

Kasia. said...

I like the first one, so colorful ;)

Vanessa, Take only Memories said...

What lovely pics! I adore your hat and your hair!

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