Monday, June 27, 2011

Photography Major

I finally got around to scanning in my images for my photography major this semester. Unlike my paintings major, my photography didn't really have a concept or theme behind the images. This semester we just had to hand in photo's from class exercises that we had done, but that doesn't mean that these were just 'snap shots' so to say.

One of the things that we looked at this semester was low key photography, which means a photograph with low lighting. I was rather interested in this area as some of my other photography projects relate to this very well. So as I was looking for subject matters that would look really well with low key lighting I immediately thought of the art studios. When their is no one in them and all the ligts are off it is so hauntingly beautiful how the light from the windows just lightly brighten up the room.

I also took a couple of other images that are just to be on there own rather then part of the series. One was actually my favourite from my entire major work, the one of the sink in the garden. It's currently in our garden at home and I have to say it's a pretty bizarre thing to see in there. I love it never the less, but yeah it's just quirky and amazing. My photography teacher was also very impressed with my images so I am hoping that means I will get a good mark, which I thought I wouldn't :)

Anyway I hope you guys liked them and if you have any feedback on them that would be lovely. On another note I will be sharing some lovely photography that someone submitted to me. If anyone else is interested in submitting some work to me click on the 'Submit' tab in the linkbar for details.

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Tornadoes and Tigers said...

Wow I was looking at these photos and thought they were pretty neat. Then I read that they were yours!

Well done : )

My added love is the scan texture/dirt. I'm super guilty of promoting this in my own scanned photos haha!

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