Sunday, June 19, 2011

White Chocolate and Raspberry Scones

It's been such a lovely week on my blog with sharing all this British related stuff with you guys. Now for my final post, as my other one went astray but will share another time, I have a lovely scone recipe. I have been inspired by Amanda's recipe posts that she has sharing lately on her blog Here Comes the Sun to do a recipe post for you guys. I got the recipe off my mum which she got off from a lady the school she works at. So I hope you guys like the recipe and you have a go at making them yourself :)
3 cups of Self Raising Flour, 2 tbsp of white sugar, 300ml of cream, 1 packet of white chocolate melts and some Raspberries (I would usually use fresh ones but they didn't have any in the store)
In a large mixing bowl combine all dry ingredients so the 3 cups of SR flour, 2 tbsp of white sugar and the packet of white chocolate melts
Then in another mixing combine the wet ingredients, 2 eggs and 300 ml of cream. Then whisk them until well combined
Combine the dry and wet mixtures
and stir together to form a dough like consistency
For each scone use about a palm size ball of mixture
Then grab 3 raspberries and combine with mixture. Fold gently with the dough so the raspberries nearly keep their form and roll them into a ball. 
Once you have done this with all the mixture place them on a baking tray and pop them into the oven at 200 degrees. Cook for around 20 minute's or until browned
and then you're done! Serve with butter, whipped cream and jam.

I hope you guys like them and if you decide to give them a go let me know to see how it turns out :)

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Flora Fricker said...

Wow, these look amazing! :)

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