Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Artist: Shawn Huckins

I have to say one of my favourite past times is actually discovering new artists and photographers from different countries. My latest discovery from America is the artist Shawn Huckins whose latest series of work asks us “If George could comment today, would he click the ‘like’ button, or post wtf? and then go check his Lady Gaga tweet?”. The series titled American Revolution Revolution, is a collection of paintings that are portraits of America's founding fathers with different Internet-age acronyms scrawled across their faces.

I quite like these paintings very much as Huckins' has amazing painting skills but also just the idea of imaging these famous figures saying these phrases. In the series their are some portraits wear people's faces are covered by the American flag which I particular like. I always get so jealous of painters that can paint so realistic. I think one day I might have to have a proper attempt at doing something photo realistic just for the sake of it.
Shawn Huckins has a official website

List of paintings
1. GW's Comment: Rolling On The Floor Laughing, 2011
2. INGRES: Laughing My Fucking Ass Off, 2010 
3. Portrait of The American Gentleman, 2010
4. Chivers: My Eyes Glaze Over, 2011
5. Mr. Mifflin's 21st Century Ultra Smooth Pick-Up Line, (Let's Hook Up), 2010
6. Vanderlyn's Secret Obsession, (Talk Dirty To Me), 2011

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Sydney said...

hahahah he is creative ;)

may i know where do you discover these artists? x

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