Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Half way there

Wow half a year has gone by already! isn't it just amazing how time can go by so quick. Already so far this year a lot has happen and yet there is so many more things to look forward too. Blogger's Illana
and Dane have inspired me to look back at what I have achieved so far this year. Also I wanted to share some big events that are still yet to come and goals I want to finish.

So far...
Did my very first interview on my blog Saw some of Bill Henson's earlier works Have started working a new series of paintings Brought a new Diana Camera Became a DOT COM Started growing my own herbs Have been cooking a lot more meals and goodies for my family Finally visited one of my best friends in Canberra and met some of her amazing friends Gained over 50 new followers (thanks guys :) Got my first gig as a freelance photographer Have gotten to know some amazing blogger's online

Yet to come...
Reach 100 blog followers Doing my first ever paid photography work for a formal Gain a sponsor Start a new photography series Get a HD (highest ranking mark) in one of my subjects Meet a fellow blogger in real life Finish painting my self portrait by the end of this year Hold a giveaway on my blog Do some advertising for my blog on other sites/blogs Buy a another film camera (have in mind a holga 135bc or a lomo lc-a) Start a new blog feature  Get my green P's on my moped Go on a mini holiday somewhere with my friends

3 lovely comments:

Tornadoes and Tigers said...

Your 'yet to come' list looks exciting!

p.s. Holga 135BC ; )

Krystal Lee said...

your blog is lovely! and that list looks a lot like mine! ha ha :)

krystal x

Tara Martin said...

maybe a mini trip to Florida miss murphy........also wondering if you would like to work on three projects for me get in touch if your interested. congratulations on all your achievements so far. love love
Tara Martin.

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