Monday, November 22, 2010

Much Love Monday

Hey there, long time no see. It's a good day today as I am handing in my last major works and start my holidays, yay! But to to kick start my re-welcoming i thought I would enjoy in the tradition of 'Much Love Monday'. So at the moment I am loving...

Cry-Baby - Probably one of my favourite al time movies ever. I don't whether its the rebilious hot-shot played by Johnny Depp or the quiky ironic feel of the movie that gets but I love it to death. Which means that I watch the movie nearly every day and play the soundtrach constantly :)

Maxi Skirt - I have brought three with the space of two weeks and almost wear one everyday at home. They are just so pretty and comfy :)

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 - Yes I went and saw it at the midnight premiere and i thought it was so awesome! i dressed up as Harry Potter and was pretty happy with my wand and robe (will post picture later). I cried so much in it, mostly when Hedwig and Dobby died, but it was still totally awesome. Thinking of going to see it again :D

Photo's by Violeta Niebla (click on photo's to go to link)

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The Owl Diary said...

I love, love, loved Harry Potter. & Definitely cried as well when Dobby died. I want to see it again & can not wait for Part 2. It will be EPIC. ♥

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