Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Portrait prize

I just entered this photo into a portrait prize and the Wollongong art gallery in NSW Australia. It's of one of my friends and comes from a body of work i did last year for a photography class. The series was called, “Each new generation is a fresh invasion of savages”.  The body of work is a comment on our society and how big co-operations and steel works are effecting us. The way in which the industry is going, it is like we have gone back to the stone age like when man discovered fire. The models represent the adolescent youth who are the future. We are seen as savages and this is shown by the reference to cannibalism. The meat was brought from the local butcher's and they are covered in blood (mixed paint and water) and mud. I was heavily influenced by Bill Henson in this series, being inspired by his style and technique.

The opening is on this Friday and I hope I when in my category. Went in the student one which is a prize of $150 and a digital camera. Even so it's a great feeling seeing a piece you have done hanging in a gallery where the public will see it and hopefully are impacted by it. Will post about the opening and what happen. Wish me luck :)
You can see the rest of the series on my flickr

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