Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Polaroid quotes

I cannot begin to describe the amount of inspiration and hope I feel when I look and these images from Parker Fitzgerald. This is his 365 day Project where he uses Polaroid Land cameras peel-apart pack film. I particularly like how he has combined his images with inspirational qoutes. If you are unfamiliar with the 365 day project quickly its a self project where you record a photo a day. The idea is that its meant to help people with memories and also develop their photography skills over the coming year. 
I've been meaning to do one myself but was to caught up to start this time. But by just looking at these images I really want to do this more then ever. I'm thinking of getting my old Diana camera out or maybe buying a Holga camera to record my everyday and maybe combine them with quotes like Parker Fitzgerald. Could turn out to be a weekly thing for my blog where I post up my photos for the week. 

Check out his website here

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