Thursday, October 21, 2010

Top 6 picks

I thought i would do another one of these again as it was such fun last time. So here are the top six things in my life currently.

1.  Diana Camera I brought some film for it the other day and have finally gotten around to putting it in and taking a couple of shots. I forgot how much fun shooting with film was and I think i'll be doing doing it quite often.
2.  Black Books Dvd Set currently favourite show to constantly watch now. Also it has become the thing for the entire Visual Arts first year students.

3.  Twinings Irish Breakfast Tea I am addicted to it. I have like 4 cups a day of it.
4.  Barn Owls again I am quite obsessed with them. They are just so god damn beautiful :)

5.  Frankie Magazine I got the latest one today and was so happy. It felt like it had been ages since I last got Frankie.
6.  Art Academy its a Nintendo DS game and i love it. I pretty much pown at it :)

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