Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A wish list

So in realising that my birthday is in 10 days I thought I would see what i would be liking to get maybe this year.

♥ Holga camera
♥ A black maxi skirt

♥ A Deer head or stuffed Barn Owl
♥ Some more 120mm film

♥ A 'Keep Calm
and Carry On' Canvas Bag

♥ A new quilt for my bed
♥ Some more old cameras to add to my collection

♥ A pair of Doc Martens or other black boots
♥A dusty green Vespa

♥ A Hasselblad camera
♥ A Barn Owl home - so then they can come to me
♥ Polaroid peel-apart film

Photos by let's use semaphores

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