Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Another one of my goals this year was to be more open to my friends. Now this is a big thing for me as when I was younger, going through primary and the start of high school, I never had a group of friends that treated me good. I was bullied, left out, they tried to kick me out of the group numerous of times, and many other things. So this has affected how I interact with other people since then. But for the past four years I have been surrounded by people that do care about me as a person, especially my best friends Helen, Kyah and Kathrine.
I have changed so much already because of these people but there has always that little fraction that is scared to fully let myself out. Last night felt like a big step for me. I was just on the train home with Helen after seeing a movie and it was a little quite a first as we haven't been hanging out much over the past year but we started just talking about things that have been on our mind lately. Were both going through some rough patches at the moment and I think we both needed someone to tell this all too. Even though we got into some deep issues I was happy we got to be like that again after a long time.
Last night really turned me around on a lot of stuff. I am hoping that for myself I can be more open to my best friends and tell them everything that crosses my mind without being afraid of what could happen. I can already tell that this is going to make me feel a lot happier, especially with some of the things that are happening lately.
I hope whoever reads this feels the same way. Hopefully you too have a friend or friends that you trust everything with and make you smile. Thanks guys :)

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