Thursday, January 27, 2011

Yesterday was Australia Day for us Australians and like every year Our group of friends gather around a BBQ, eskeys, a toddlers swimming pool, alcohol and a stereo to listen to Triple J's Hottest 100 of 2010. Basically people get to vote online for ther favourite songs of 2010 and on Australia Day at midday begins the countdown to number one. It's quite awesome hanging around with friend commenting on songs, whether their deserved their place or not. Some of my favorite songs got in but the top ten was pretty dissappoiting compared to last year. Here was the top 10:

1. Big Jet Plane - Angus and Julia Stone
2. Rock It - Little Red
3. Dance The Way I Feel - Ou Est Le Swimming Pool
4. Plans - Birds Of Tokyo 
5. Fall At Your Feet - Boy and Bear    
6. Teenage Crime - Adrian Lux
7. Fuck You - Cee Lo Green
8. Tokyo (Vampires & Wolves) - The Wombats 
9. Magic Fountain - Art vs Science

10. Somebody To Love Me - Mark Ronson & The Business Intl.

The ones in bold I really like. I was a bit suprised of Angus and Julia Stone making it into number one. I don't mind the song but I didn't think It was number one material. I also expected Calvin Harris to make it into top ten atleast. I think 'Dance The Way I Feel' desevered first place especially after the year the group has gone through with the lead singer commiting suicide. Another band that should of atleast made a appearance anyway on the list was Amy Meredith.
So yea, tell me what you guys think of the top ten and be sure to check ot the rest of the list here.

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