Monday, January 31, 2011

1: The person you like and why you like them.

Ok! So challenge one, quite a daunting one to start off with but I will do it. Just for personal reasoning and the precuation that he might read this I won't use his name but a false one. So for now the guy I like his name is Jeff (I don't know anyone by the name Jeff so just clearing that up). But yea I do really like Jeff, a lot and I have for a quite a while now. Well in a way I guess, It's been a on and off again with liking him because he been going through a lot of stuff with other relationships. When I first started liking him he did know but was being a friend and not letting it get in the way of our friendship because we were pretty close at one stage.
But getting away from the question of why I like him. To be honest he is nothing like the guy that I would be attracted If I got to pick mr perfect. But maybe that is why I am so head over heels for him. He has such a great personality and is a great friend which is something that everyone looks for in a relationship. Another thing is that when we were really close at one stage of our friendship I got to see this really caring and emotional side of him. During this time he was dating someone and whenever they got into a fight or something it seemed like he would always come to me for comfort. He was able to let himself go in front me and I saw how great he was a person. He deserves so much more then the way he is treat by this one girl at the moment. And even though he isn't like a handsome sex god like Johnny Depp or Colin Firth he is so attractive in his own way that I find him irrestable. On New Years we shared this sweet New Years kiss. Yes he gave everyone else a kiss but when he kissed me It wasn't like the others. It was like time stood still just for us and I could feel that it could of gone further but I pulled away because he was drunk and I was a little bit myself.
I don't know when we first met we had a instant connection and everyone that knew us thought we liked eachother and could see us dating. Unfortunately that never got any further and he started dating someone else. But all the time while he was dating this girl I still had people saying 'he definately likes you'.
Wow! Sorry for the long post guys. This is currently a situation I'm in with this guy and I have to decide whether or not I want to try and get this close with him again in risk that he might not beover this other girl still.

Photo Credit: gen_dwyer

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