Thursday, September 1, 2011

Crossing Borders

Today I wanted to share with you guys a guest post I did on Dane's Tornadoes and Tigers blog last month.Been meaning to share it for a while now, but keep forgetting about it :)

So may I introduce to you Tanya Chaitow, a Australian contemporary artist who works with acrylics. Tanya creates these whimsical and poetic works featuring some quirky characters. When looking at her work I feel like a young kid again being told a story where it's set in this uncertain, mischievous fantasy world filled with part human and part animal characters. I also love how simplistic they are with this very light colour palette and the characters as if a child has painted these.

So many exciting things have been happening for me lately, which I am just dying to tell you. Firstly I have just got my first ever commission from one of my friends sisters. I am very excited to get started on the work for her and hopefully this is the start to more in the future.

Images courtesy of Stella Downer Fine Art 

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Ruth May said...

Wow wow wow! These are so beautiful and SOOO inspiring! Thanks for sharing. :)

~Ruth (

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