Monday, September 12, 2011

Understand Still

'This is nowhere', oil on canvas, 54 x 66, 2008
'The Event', oil on canvas, 54 x 66", 2009
'I Wanna Love', oil on canvas, 66 x 54, inches 2011
'From Milan to Vienna', oil and acrylic on canvas, 66 x 54", 2006

I have kind of fallen in love with these paintings by artist Nick Lepard. He paints these intriguing self portraits and portraits of friends with these harsh brush strokes. This kind of 'quick' style is what I am looking at this semester in my painting class as we are also doing portraits. I still haven't decided on what I want to paint on yet, but I have in mind painting on wood which is really cool and exciting. Does anyone else have any new paintings/artworks/projects their about to start or stuck at the moment? Maybe we can inspire each other and get motivated to start them :)

Nick Lepard: Official website

Photo Credit: Images courtesy of Nick Lepard and all found on his web site

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