Monday, December 20, 2010

Much Love Monday

Monday morning, which means its time for another 'Much Love Monday' post. Join in the fun on Monday's :)

Film photography - I am loving my photography course at the moment. Its made me want to get back into just shooting with film. I think this will happen for the new year.

Presents with bow's on top - This year I have the biggest present (yay! but not being the most important thing) and my mum decided rather then tir with with the cheap plastic ribbon she put a lovely red bow on it. It's oh so cute

Popular Penguin books - I just brought a couple the other day and they are awesome. Such a cool vintage style looking book their are. Might have to buy a couple more, since their are only $10 each. I also got a free bag which is for the 75th anniversary for Popular Penguin books and its adorable :) 

Photo credit: Luisa Cativo

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