Saturday, December 11, 2010

Top 6 picks

I thought it was time for another but decided to just focus on music this time.

1. "Say You Don't Want It" - One Night Only
I only heard of this song because Emma Watson is in it, but it is now one of my favourite songs. Its just a feel good song with such a great beat will be loving it for quite awhile.

2. "Planets" - Short Stack
I use to hate Short Stack when they brouht their first album out. They seemed like punk teen wannabe's with crap music. But this new album they've brought out, especially this song has changed my mind.

3. "Sometimes (Hook N Sling Remix)" - Miami Horror
I have just started learning this routine by Tony Czar and its a catchy remix. Great to bust a move and all :)

4. "Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)" - My Chemical Romance
Of course I am in love with MCR's entire new album but this song is just fantastic! loving the whole new look to MCR, yes Black Parade was just freakin' awesome but I don't know...

5. "Dog Days Are Over" - Florence And The Machine
Another song I've started learning a routine too, kind of stealing choreography and making up some of my own. I love how cute and indie it sounds, perfect for listening too whilst drinking tea and reading frankie.

6. "Favourite Things" - Big Brovaz
This is just awesome

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