Monday, October 24, 2011

Much Love Monday

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 Today is officially the first day I have worn a pair of shorts since the beginning of spring! Sorry If all I seem to talk about these days are my excitement for summer and all, but I am really excited for it. Now I am not the biggest beach person, which is ironic because I live so close to it, but the idea of going down an afternoon and taking a dip into the cold water just makes me smile. So I thought I would share some of the things I love most about spring and do a Much Love post :)

 ♥ homemade lemonade ♥ fresh watermelon ♥ cute swimsuits ♥ sun bathing ♥ bike riding ♥
♥ listening to the radio ♥ pretty flowers ♥ daisy chains ♥ fresh air ♥ pretty dresses ♥
♥ afternoon tea ♥ slushies ♥ sandles ♥ late nights with friends ♥ sleeping with the window open ♥

What are some of your favourite things about spring?

Photo Credit: Le Portillon

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muchlove said...

that's such a sweet list, and I adore the photo too :)

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