Sunday, October 9, 2011

Spring Inspiration

All I can think about when I look at these photo's is 'spring, spring, spring!'. I can't believe my excitement for it like today was so lovely that I got to wear a pretty dress without stockings. I was very excited by this and hope that the weather continues being like this from now on. Anyway I hope everyone had a lovely weekend with friends and family. For me my highlight is still to come when I go to the movies tonight to see Crazy, Stupid Love with my girlfriends, which should be amazing :)

Photo Credit: Nen August

3 lovely comments:

Andie Bottrell said...

Ryan Gosling in that movie is crazy, stupid, hot, sexy eatin' that pizza. Enjoy! (;

L said...

lovely spring photos! and how was the movie? i plan to watch it too! :P

Laura Nelson said...

yaaay for spring! It's just staring to turn to fall over here :)

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