Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Now over here in Australia Halloween is not big holiday that we celebrate really, but this year I really I could be going to a Halloween party and dress up for it. Maybe its the inner child in me, but the idea of dressing up just sounds like the perfect thing to do right now. Instead however I'll be spending my Halloween watching some of my favourite Halloween related films tonight, which will still be a blast. These are a few movies that I'll be watching:

☠ A Nightmare Before Christmas 
☠ Beetlejuice 
☠ The Rocky Horror Picture Show 
☠ Casper 
☠ The Witches 
☠ The Corpse Bride
☠ Hocus Pocus 
☠ A Nightmare on Elm Street 
☠ The Addams Family 
☠ Scream

So Happy Halloween everybody and hope you have a fun holiday whatever your plans are!

Photo Credit: alex stoddard

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