Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Bow Collar

Bow ties have started to become a necessity to both boys and girls wardrobes, I myself have one. They are smart, stylish and as the Doctor says himself, 'Bow ties are cool'. So it seems only natural that I would want my dog to look just as good as me with his very own bow tie. Silly Buddy sells a wide selection of handmade bow tie dog collars and are made of 100% cotton. I mean how adorable are these, I am totally wishing to buy one for our dog. Imagine your dog wearing one of these to a special event like a birthday party or even a wedding. Like you wouldn't want to show off your dog wearing a bow tie :)

2 lovely comments:

Ruth May said...

haha, SO cute. :)

~Ruth (ruthrmay.com)

Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

Oh my goodness. My bulldog would LOVE these. He actually likes dressing up.

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