Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Deidre But-Husaim

Today I would like to share with you guys my latest art crush, Deidre But-Husaim. She is a Australian artist who works and lives in Adelaide, Australia. Through her eyes, images of young aspiring model's become a blank canvas onto which she paints these elaborate tattoo designs. By doing this she raises her subjects from being the unknown and unwanted, into an image of true beauty. She has also branded them as her own creation, which to me almost makes it seems as if these are not real people, but as something of the imaginary. As if true beauty like this cannot exist in our world.

Although I would never get a tattoo that big, her painting's almost make me want to go and get one like these.  They just look so pretty so I think too compromise I will do some face painting next time I am in need to dress up for a occasion.

All image's were found on Deidre But-Husaim's offical website.

2 lovely comments:

georgi hampton said...

wow these are awesome! thank you for sharing x

Flora Fricker said...

Incredible! :)

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