Thursday, July 21, 2011

Grey Skies

I have been spending so much time indoors the past couple of weeks with my cold a while back and also it's been raining a lot. So instead of just sitting inside and keeping warm, I opted for the chance to get out my camera and to go outside to take some pretty pictures of the rain. I love taking photo's on days when its overcast as it's such a good opportunity to get some amazing shots. These photo's are just taken in my backyard because personally, it's really pretty :)

I also just wanted to remind everyone that my blog has a facebook fan page where you can keep up to date on posts and also see sneak peaks. So be sure to check it out and like it, thanks if you do.

5 lovely comments:

rose brown. said...

beautiful. i too enjoy taking photos in overcast weather. the colors and mood.. so nice!

lauren carney said...

dude these photos are amazing!
i love them! they make me want to put on wish wellingtons and play in puddles! x

Girl holding a paintbrush said...

thanks guys :)

Ruth May said...

These photos are so great! I love rainy days. :)

~Ruth (

sKyE said...

Oooooohh beautiful! :)

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