Monday, July 11, 2011

Much Love Monday: link loves

It's been ages since I have done a 'Much Love' post so I thought to kick off my week I would do another as they are always something nice and easy to share. If you have been reading my blog this past week then you will already know that I have had the cold this past week and haven't been feeling all that great. So I have been cooped up in my house the past week and have been so reliant on other peoples blogs on keeping me sane. So I thought I would share a few link loves with you guys :)

♥ This amazing recipe for chocolate cake in a mug on Tornadoes and Tigers
♥ Op shopping tips on Foxtail & Fern 
♥ New blog loves: Wolf and Willow and Susannah Conway 
♥ I want to live in this house featured on Floddertje 
♥ A great DIY I found on The Man Repeller on how to make your own turband

Be sure to join in next week for Much Love Monday

Photo Credit: onesevenone

2 lovely comments:

Lola said...

It's so weird, I just posted a blog entry using a similar photo that I found elsewhere. I love photos like that. Just stopping by to say hello as I surf Much Love Monday. Lola from Buddhatropolis

steph said...

Dropping by from MLM! I love balloons in the sky... seems so carefree. a symbol of freedom! :)

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