Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I have shared here before some pictures by Parker Fitzgerald so it's no surprise that I am doing another post on him. When I saw these images of Amanda Seyfried on Ilana's blog See Me Everywhere, I fell in love with them. I have become quite a fan of Amanda with some of the amazing movies she has been in lately, Red Riding Hood and Letters to Juliet, because she is quite an amazing woman. I am also a big fan of Parker's work so it's just the perfect combo. He did such a great job capturing her raw beauty in such a stunning location. It's nice to see something different then to your typical Hollywood style pictures of celebrities.

I just also just to say that I might be a bit slow over the next week on my posts as I have a tone of assessments that all like to be due in around the same time as each other. But I have some things I am excited to share with you guys and I also have some special news that I can't say right now :)

Photo Credit: Parker Fitzgerald

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