Monday, August 29, 2011

Much Love Monday

Be sure to join in next week for Much Love Monday

SLiDE - Slide is a new T.V. series that has started here in Australia that is about these 17 year old kids living in Brisbane. I have only seen two episodes so far but I am so loving it. It is definitely one of T.V. shows to have been made by us Aussie's.

Classic Doctor Who - I have shared countless of times for my love of Doctor Who, but I have recently started watching some Classic Doctor Who with the famous Tom Baker as the Doctor. The best thing about watching this show is laughing at all the 'special effects' from the old days. The best has been a monster made out of green bubble, which you beyond tell that it was just a person with bubble wrap over himself.

Experimentation - So far all my classes have really opened up my mind and has really taught me to not be afraid of doing something different. All my class works have started off as one thing and have ended in such a way I could of never imagined. It really has been fantastic and has really changed the way I look and do art.

Photo Credit: muchlove

4 lovely comments:

mei said...

visiting from MLM, cute photo :)

Catherine Denton said...

Yay for artistic experimentation! I learned that lesson this year too. I had to let go of my expectations and let each painting be what it turned out to be. So freeing! :D

P.S. love your photo!
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Becs said...

Hello, visiting from MLM. LOVE your photo. And Tom Baker was my favourite Dr when I was a kid! Happy Monday :) Becsx

thingsiveseenandheard said...

i LOVE dr who, but ive never seen the classic

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