Saturday, August 13, 2011

Just A Minute in... August

I saw the lovely Liss from Daydream Lily doing this meme called "Just a minute in..'. It's a monthly meme which was started up by August Street, who unfortunately left the blogging world. So I decided that I would play along and join in this fun monthly meme.

Making... I have in mind to make some cute tea cup candles to have in my bedroom. I have already picked up some cute tea cups from a thrift shop :)

Watching... I have been re-watching Bones as it has been ages since I last saw it and apparently so much has happen since.

Drinking... So much tea lately from my new teapot. I'm in desperate need to order some more loose leaf tea, which I have in mind to get some Chai next. Yum!

Listening... to Oh Land, a band a friend just introduce me too recently. Absolutely loving their music and definitely recommend anyone to check them out.

Waiting... for Doctor Who Series 6 to start back up this month on ABC1. It looks so amazing! And also for True blood season 4 to start of Austar, my friends have been watching it online and they say it's really good.

If you wish to play along the full details of the game can be find here

Photo Credit: buiu, Teresa Q

2 lovely comments:

Lidiya said...

Those photos are amazing, gorgeous <3

Krystal Lee said...

love this idea! krystal x

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