Friday, August 5, 2011

Kris Lewis

My latest art love is the American artist, Kris Lewis. Working with oils, Kris often depicts images of strong women and often refers to his family as an inspiration to his works. He is considered a modern day master as his works relate closely to the old masters of painting in his expression of the human figure. Kris' paintings are a response to both historical portrait painting and popular culture, powerfully combining traditional art practice with contemporary content.  I love how realistic his paintings are and  how they also have a surreal like quality to them. As well I find myself questioning these paintings when I look at them as I keep trying to find the message and story behind his works. This search for meaning within a artwork is what I believe that great art should always do.

Images of painting from here and here

2 lovely comments:

the moonchild said...

these are absolutely amazing!

love your blog, definitely following (:

stop by sometime?

Krystal Lee said...

wow these are beautifully and really quite eerie too!

krystal x

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