Sunday, August 28, 2011

Field trip to Sydney - Part Two

Welcome to Part Two of my field trip to Sydney. Today I am sharing with you my visit to one of Sydney's best and my favourite art galleries, the Roslyn Oxley9 gallery. Representing some of Australia's most prominent artists, you know when you visit the gallery you are in to see some amazing art. I was particularly excited as their was a Louise Hearman exhibition currently showing. Some of you you have been following my blog for a while might remember me sharing a post on Hearman's work.
The exhibition was amazing and I was astonished by how beautiful and stunning Hearman's work really is. Fewer works the usual, she has proven herself yet again just how amazing an artist she really is. Her imagery and brushwork is beyond amazing as she takes us to another world when viewing her work. If you live near Sydney I definitely recommend everyone to see this exhibition and if you do or already have then please share and tell me what you thought of it.
Untitled #1330, 2011
oil on masonite
61 × 70cm
Untitled #1333, 2011
oil on masonite
61 × 91.5cm
Untitled #1337, 2011
oil on masonite
61 × 91.5cm

Photo Credit: Photos by me and images of artworks were found on Roslyn Oxley9 gallery website

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Jessamyn Read said...

Those paintings are so beautiful!

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